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•The project SHELL(SPORT, HEALTH and EDUCATION FOR  LONG LIFE) aims at creating a framework for equal opportunities for employment on the labour market of the future graduates of vocational education who will acquire the qualification of Sportive Instructor, from Romania, Bulgaria,Italy, Turkey and Greece, starting from the premise that employment is an essential step in their integration into the community.

•Taking into account the guidelines of the European Union concerning career athletes and their integration into the educational system and labour market, our project, which is aimed at the future sportive instructors, graduates of vocational sports schools, will represent an important contribution to the reform of the education system (law 69/2000 with subsequent modifications in Romania).

•According to the questionnaire applied by the project team members in advance,it is noticed that young graduates from a sports high school that have received as a result of the examination of competence, a Certified Instructor, registered with Choir: 342202-level 3, in Romania, cannot find their place on the European labour market than at the rate of 4%,as it is relevant according to the analyzed answers of the questionnaire,that underline the necessity of facilitating the insertion on the European Labour Market of the future graduates from sports schools, owners of a certificate of Sportive Instructor.

•The project aims at promoting equity and inclusion by facilitating access to participants from disadvantaged backgrounds. The downside limits prevent them from participating in transnational activities, because of the economic barriers. It is a transnational project because it is a common problem of the countries involved in this project, because the European Labor market is not known to our students and because it helps the future graduates to develop their future career practicing it,using their certificates.


•Camera de Comerț, Industrie și Agricultură Botoșani, România

•Champions Factory, Sofia, Bulgaria

•Athlitikos Omilos Neon Argyroupolis, Argiroupoli, Greece

•Private School Themistoklis S.A, Ypapanti-Piraeus, Greece

•Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II Per Lo Sport – John Paul II Sport Foundation, Roma, Italy

•Müserref Hasan Eser Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Melikgaz,  Turkey